Sunday, September 23, 2018

Do You Need to Secure Your Warehouse?

If you are regularly involved in warehouse activities, you want to make sure that your facility is secured. This can be done more easily when you choose the right garage doors for your site. Therefore, the best way to ensure that your facility is safe and secure is to protect the delivery and pick-up area with a galvanized electric roller shutter door.

A Galvanised Steel Design

Commercial doors made with a roller shutter design have a number of features that make them hard to beat. Made-to-measure doors are manufactured with galvanized steel and open and shut quickly to optimize energy use.

Roller shutter doors that are made of galvanized steel are a commercial standard and, therefore, are designed for shops, agricultural buildings, and manufacturing facilities. The doors are electrically operated using a key switch with a made-to-measure design. This bespoke design guarantees that the doors can be nicely incorporated into your building’s design.

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Three-phase Roller Curtain Designs

If your warehouse has a high amount of traffic, you should consider installing a three-phase industrial roller shutter door. This roller shutter curtain is made with either 20 gauge or 22 gauge steel and is fitted with a T-section, also made of galvanized steel, at the bottom. The guide rails on each side are featured in a variety of sizes, ranging from 50 millimeters to 100 millimeters in size. You can also include a wind guide, if needed, as well.

These heavy duty doors are powered by a three-phase direct drive type motor that includes a built-in safety break. The doors, which are already wired, are ready to connect to a three-phase power supply. Open and close emergency stop buttons are part of the door’s design, as well. If a power failure occurs, the door features an emergency manual override that uses a chain for opening and closing the door.

An Excellent Security Door

As you can see, you can choose from various high-quality designs when you elect to have a roller shutter door installed. These doors not only optimize space well, but they are also the best doors to use to ensure your building’s security. Because of their quick remote operations, it is difficult for trespassers or unwanted visitors to access your property.

Also, the doors are made in fire-rated designs. Therefore, you can reduce the amount you pay for business liability insurance when you install these types of doors. Not only are the doors sturdy and fire-resistant, but they also dampen outside noises and maximize energy use, as well. When you have this type of solid door securing your building, you cannot help but be pleased with its performance. Contact a dealer that features the doors today and see why businesses prefer this type of door to secure their building.

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